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X Announces New Info Session for Advertisers

by Pennsylvania Digital News

Hey, are you thinking of launching a new ad campaign on X?

Given the current rate of brands turning away from the platform, I’m guessing not many of you replied “yes”. But if you are considering it, X has announced a new webinar that’ll take you through the latest best practices and options within X’s ad system.

X webinar

The “Advertising on X 101” event will be held next week, on Wednesday the 24th at 10:15 AM PT / 1:15PM ET.

X’s ad team says that the webinar will provide insight into how to set up campaigns, and grow your business with X ads.

The session will also cover:

  • The power of X’s audience for businesses
  • How to set up and optimize your profile and organic content strategy
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of our campaign setup process
  • And finally, how to measure the success of your campaigns along with best practices

A lot of these types of info sessions do cover a lot of common ground, so if you do attend, you may have to sit through various broad-scale stats and best practices that you’ve heard before.

But with X adding a range of new functionalities, and refining its focus on video of late, there could be some valuable notes and tips here, which may help to redefine your approach.

If you want to.

Again, many advertisers are still wary of the app, and its revised approach to what users can post. But if your audience is still there, and you’re looking to reach them, it could be worth tuning in.

You can register for X’s “Advertising on X 101 webinar here.

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