Was Bull Island The Worst Music Festival of All Time?


Fyre Fest, Woodstock ’99, Altamont… there have been many great festival disasters over the years. But none of these come even close to 1972’s Erie Canal & Soda Pop Festival (Also known as “Bull Island.”) The lack of preparedness, the lawlessness, the desperation of the crowd; it’s like the bad-acid trip version of Woodstock where [spoiler] everything burns down. [/spoiler]

Some of the music heard in this video:
0 : 00 — In the Hall of the Mountain King
2 : 48 — Zodiac Structures by NoMBe
6 : 53 — Washington Post by US Army Band
7 : 43 — Blues Power by Albert King
9 : 53 — Free Spirit by Birtha
14 : 41 — Firebrand by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/)
17 : 48 — The Sticks by Engine Summer (https://enginesummer.bandcamp.com/)


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