Vertrees Montgomery Home Movies 3


Vertrees Montgomery Home Movies 3:
Montgomerys learning to swim at HiLi with the Vertrees
Brian eating watermelon, making Holly cry, teasing David with a ball
Some king of parade, Bob Rosenthal and Blue
Riding horses
Family at Cumberland Falls
Touring the grounds some where, New Jersey? Maryland? Pennsylvania? New York?
Back to swimming and diving at HiLi
Camping at Mammoth Cave
Back to HiLi
Baby Robert on his new potty, Angel, Mom’s Christmas decorations
Holly’s Christmas birthday cake
Dropping the Clothespin game
Newborn Rob on the dishwasher, getting Mama sugars, sitting on the couch, necked in the tub
Cindy and other teenage girls galavanting
Curly Rob walking and riding a toy, Mom getting kisses, honking sibling noses
Homecoming, Cindy and her date, winner Terri Sallee
Sled riding the Big Hill
Betsy caught a fish, baby Rob
Baseball parade, Bucky and Butch in uniform
Rob in the grass
Bucky using ninja moves helping Dad to hoe our patch out of the woods
Bucky and Butch’s football game, Dad coaching
Front yard yard work
Cindy’s prom with Donnie Betz
Rob playing basketball, Betsy and Angel, splits, somersaults, swings, and shoulder rides
Belle of Louisville race on the Ohio River
Cindy’s prom flowers, Donnie’s corsage
Robert’s birthday, his new trike
Bucky’s cameraman experiments of animation and special effects
My Bart Starr autograph photo
Filming Butch and Brian
Acting on Dad’s camera
More Big Hill sled riding
More Bucky animation
In a car
Me and my high school friends cut scenes from when we were making a movie for school, ‘Frankenchuck’
My animation
More cut scenes
Mom walking toward us like a spaz


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