Trump Says Biden Would Outlaw Fracking and Ruin Pennsylvania's Economy


President Donald Trump is assailing a decision that allows Pennsylvania’s elections officials to count mailed ballots that are received in the three days after Tuesday’s election.

Trump is falsely blaming the U.S. Supreme Court when, in fact, Pennsylvania’s top court ordered the extension until Nov. 6, even if the ballot doesn’t have a clear postmark, as long as there is not proof it was mailed after the polls closed. The U.S. Supreme Court then refused to block Pennsylvania’s decision.

Addressing a campaign rally Monday at the airport in Avoca in battleground Pennsylvania, Trump called the situation “very dangerous, and I mean dangerous, physically dangerous.”

He argued that “you can’t extend dates” and claimed – without evidence – that cheating goes on in the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia.

Trump has said that once the polls close Tuesday, “we’re going in with our lawyers” to try to stop Pennsylvania from counting the mailed ballots received after the election.

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