Top 5 Best Column Array PA Systems – Portable Sound Systems For Bands DJ's & Events


Meg checks out 5 of the best line array column speakers for bands, solo performers, DJ’s & public speaking. Find out more about each of these systems at PMT Online…

Bose L1 Pro 8:

Yamaha StagePas 1K:

RCF Evox JMix 8:

JBL Eon One Pro:

Bose L1 Pro 32:

Other products featured in this video…

Lewitt MTP-440 DM Dynamic Microphone:

Yamaha A3R Electro-Acoustic:

Fender Noventa Stratocaster:

00:00 What is a Line Array PA system?
01:35 Bose L1 Pro 8 Features & Specs
04:36 Bose L1 Pro 8 Demo
05:33 Yamaha StagePas 1K Features & Specs
07:36 Yamaha StagePas 1K Demo
08:45 RCF Evox Jmix 8 Features & Specs
10:39 RCF Evox Jmix 8 Demo
11:35 JBL Eon One Pro Features & Specs
13:40 JBL Eon One Pro Demo
14:46 Bose L1 Pro 32 Features & Specs
16:58 Bose L1 Pro 32 Demo
18:00 Where to buy the best Line Array PA systems

Line Array, or column PA systems as they’re sometimes known as, have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their ease of setup, great sound projection and their portability, when compared to more conventional PA systems and speakers which tend to be bulkier, heavier and more complicated and time consuming to set up.

A line array system will usually comprise of a tall column section, which is home to a number of small speakers which handle the high and mid-range frequencies, and then there’s a larger subwoofer unit for the bass end, which also houses an amplifier and a small mixer for your inputs.

In this PA system buying guide we’re looking at some of the best portable sound systems including the new Bose L1 Pro series, the JBL Eon One, which is battery powered, making it one of the best PA systems for buskers, and the Yamaha StagePas 1K, one of the loudest small PA systems available.

So if you’re looking for the best line array speakers for DJs or bands or a portable sound system or Public Address system for conferences and speeches, hopefully we can point you in the right direction!

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