TOP 10 Reasons why YORK PENNSYLVANIA is the WORST city in the US!


Don’t move to York, Pennsylvania. Seriously. Let us tell you why..

York is a city in southern Pennsylvania. Downtown, the Historical Society Museum displays fine art, furniture and tall-case clocks. Nearby is the Victorian-era Bonham House. The Agricultural and Industrial Museum explores the city’s farming and manufacturing past. The Colonial Complex includes a mid-1700s home, a courthouse and the Golden Plough Tavern. The area’s vineyards are part of the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail. ― Google

#YORK #PENNSYLVANIA #TOP10 I don’t know if you need to hear this, but:

These lists are not intended to be used for making life changing decisions. They are just another look at the city. I present both good and bad points of view on this channel. I don’t just make videos that are negative. There are positive videos on the channel too, check them out. They are made from statistical sources made available by government agencies as well as first hand resident experiences. If you are happy living here, I am happy for you. No need to send me death threats.


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