The Toe Sucker | Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast – Episode 69



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This week, Brooke and Connor show off their skills in the roleplay department as they reenact some pretty crazy encounters. Plus, Connor exposes the Kardashians for plagiarism and Brooke gushes over her love for hoagies and WaWa.

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0:00 We’re Strong Swimmers
3:20 Intro
3:49 Brooke’s Gas Station Adventure
7:22 Judgey In N Out Employees
9:56 In N Out Role Play
12:32 Prose
15:11 Car Hoarder
16:58 Murder Via Hairball
18:55 Buttcrack Hair
20:18 New inventions
22:39 Poober
24:24 BetterHelp
26:09 Nap Room
27:30 Hotel Toe Sucker
28:47 Toe Sucker Role Play
30:50 Neal Protocol
34:10 New Binky Errand
37:54 Tinder
39:01 Drugstore Shampoos
40:36 Connor’s Sold Out Show
43:20 The Outlier Friend
44:09 Hoagiefest
45:44 WaWa vs Buc-ees
46:59 The Best BBQ in Texas
47:55 Keep It Simple Stupid
49:20 Julie
51:15 Taco Bell Lawsuit
54:23 Circling Back To Toe Sucker
57:09 The Oldest Dog
1:03:10 Martha Stewart Cover
1:04:00 Tracking Down Wild Horses
1:06:28 SI Models
1:07:28 Taylor Swift Contacts
1:09:25 The Power of Fandoms
1:11:15 Phoebe and Bo Kissing
1:12:42 Kardashian Plagiarism
1:15:03 See You In Bonus!!!


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