The decline of American higher education


Is American higher education poised for growth or decline?

This week the Future Trends Forum proudly hosted Kevin Carey, vice president for Education Policy and knowledge management at New America. He recently published “The incredible shrinking future of college” at Vox.

The Future Trends Forum is a weekly discussion event created and hosted by Bryan Alexander. Since 2016 we have addressed the most powerful forces of change in academia. Each week, this video chat brings together practitioners in the field to share their most recent work and experience in education and technology. The intent of the Forum: to advance the discussion around the pressing issues at the crossroads of education and technology.

This event is powered by Shindig, the video chat event provider. On Shindig, audiences all can see one another and engage in private video chats sharing and discussing the content of the presentation. Event hosts may also bring selected audience members to the stage to ask questions or otherwise interact with guest speakers. Shindig; the dynamics of in person events, online.


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