the art of religious interpretation (midnight mass vs god's not dead)


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I calmly and without excess convince you that the bother Pureflix Propaganda Nightmare God’s Not Dead and Mike Flanagan’s 2021 Netflix horror series Midnight Mass are equally valuable interpretations of the Christian Redemption Cycle. Support from Nietzsche, the Brother’s Karamazov, and my cat. Enjoy…

great video on muslim representation in midnight mass:

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00:00 We Don’t have Time for an Intro
08:53 Nietzsche (bless you)
18:07 The Christian Redemption Cycle
31:36 God Death: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
42:35 WhhYyyYyYyyyYyYYY (should I die?)
1:08:09 What Do You Want, Paul?
1:24:29 The Morality of Eating People: Part I
1:44:50 The Morality of Eating People Part II
2:07:33 It’s Supposed to Be Over
2:42:33 who do you say I am?


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