Tech Driven Incentives Pushing Societal Change with Justin Goldston (Professor Penn State Uni)


Why are governmental incentives and punitive measures not enough to drive societal change to tackle problems like climate change, ethical sourcing of labor, etc? Shareholders demand profit at all costs and that most likely won’t change. But what if we the consumers, end-users, and economic participants demand change and influence their value in society? How do we do that?

In this episode #57, Justin Goldston, professor of Penn State University, talks about the use of technologies like blockchain that already has incentive structures built-in, and also the transparency system can directly influence how we value corporations that are doing the right thing and this will incentives good behavior. Otherwise, the penalty will be a loss in corporate market value that they are so afraid of.

In this episode we talk about;
– How Justin started to think about ethical supply chain
– What are the certain bottlenecks to just tech solutions
– How the sharing economy ties into the corporate actions
– What are the other uses of blockchain that can contribute to incentives
– How he is involved in Bitcountry and the excitement he sees in this project

Justin Goldston is a certified supply chain and organizational change professional who has developed and executed comprehensive digital transformation, organizational change, and supply chain strategies, resulting in optimal customer satisfaction and profitability for clients around the world. Experienced in serving on boards within industry and academia, with his previous consulting, planning, and leadership experience delivers value to small, medium, and large organizations in a variety of industries.

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Host: Takatoshi Shibayama (LinkedIn: | Twitter @taka_shibayama)
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