Strange and fascinating facts from history part 5


strange and fascinating facts from history:

1. In 1952, a town in Pennsylvania named Centralia had a coal mine fire that is still burning today. The town had to be abandoned due to the toxic fumes.
2. During World War II, the British used the code name Operation Tracer for the construction of a secret bunker. The bunker became the headquarters for the BBC during the war and was later used by MI6.
3. The famous mathematician Isaac Newton had a dog named Diamond, who once knocked over a candle and set fire to Newton’s notes, destroying years of research.
4. The world’s oldest known joke dates back to 1900 B C E and can be found on a Sumerian tablet. The joke is about farting.
5. In the 1800s, there was a craze in Europe for tulip mania, where the price of tulip bulbs soared to extreme levels. At the peak of the craze, a single bulb could be worth more than a house…


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