Playful Learning: Rethinking Play As A Spectrum That Supports Learning Across Ages And Contexts


#SUSSAppliedLearning: In this talk, Professor Jennifer Zosh (Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State University’s Brandywine campus) explores what is known about playful learning and discusses how playful learning can be leveraged across different contexts of schools, homes and communities as well as across ages.

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0:00 Introduction by Assoc Prof Sirene Lim
1:13 Professor Jennifer Josh’s background and experience
2:10 Harnessing the optimism of making tomorrow better for today’s children
3:34 The need to prepare our children for tomorrow
4:14 Setting the foundation for our children to be deep thinkers and excelling in and outside of classrooms
5:44 Goals of education
7:00 6C’s: skills for a changing world
10:18 How to support children in acquiring the 6C’s
10:33 The science of learning
12:08 Playful learning
13:33 What is play?
17:41 Play is not a static concept
19:18 Thinking about play as a spectrum
20:23 A play spectrum framework
21:39 Free play
22:50 Guided play
24:35 Games
25:35 Mise en place concept by Weisberg
28:34 Reflection: what did you learn from your play experience?
32:01 Putting education back into ‘educational’ apps
32:34 Introduction to the 5 key pillars of learning through play
33:41 Video on the 5 pillars of learning through play by The Lego Foundation
39:12 Joyful learning
42:26 Active engagement for deep thinking
44:21 Meaningfulness supports learning in play
46:16 Iterative knowledge building through play
48:04 Learning through social interactions in play
49:48 How do we support play through ages and contexts?
50:20 Whole-child pedagogy
52:40 An equation for equitable education
54:53 Playful learning in schools in Pennsylvania, Michigan & Japan
56:47 Playful learning providing opportunities in communities
57:28 Transforming everyday spaces into fun learning spaces
58:48 Urban Thinkscape project video
1:08:22 Parkopolis example
1:09:32 Supermarket Speak example
1:10:03 Play and learn spaces example
1:11:40 Concluding thoughts

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