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The Pennsylvania Football History expert from https://pafbhistory.com/ (PAFBHISTORY.com) is the man with the plan when it comes to collecting data about high school football history in the Commonwealth of PA. The Historian’s social media presence is strong especially in the Twitter-sphere, https://twitter.com/pa_fb_history (@pa_fb_history).
We return with the second part in the Pigpen with one of the top experts on Pennsylvania High School Football to talk about some of the top rivalries in the state. The teams of the https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Shamokin+Indians%22 (Shamokin Indians), https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Bellwood-Antis+Blue+Devils%22 (Bellwood-Antis Blue Devils), https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Tyrone+Golden+Eagles%22 (Tyrone Golden Eagles), https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Mount+Carmel%22 (Mount Carmel) Red Tornadoes, https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Penn+Charter+Quakers%22 (Penn Charter Quakers), https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Germantown+Academy%22 (Germantown Academy) Patriots, https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Harrisburg+Cougars%22 (Harrisburg Cougars) and https://pigskindispatch.com/(searchresults)?q2=%22Bishop+McDevitt+Crusaders%22 (Bishop McDevitt Crusaders) are discussed in this episode.
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