Pennsylvania Dutch Sandtart Recipe! My family's recipe since the 1940s!


Merry Christmas! My gift to you – my Mawmaw’s PA Dutch Sandtart recipe. My grandma brought this recipe home from junior high in York, PA in the 1940s. Her and her Mom started making these at Christmas from then on in our family! My great-grandma worked full-time so she would make these on Thanksgiving weekend and hide them in her basement till Christmas!!!

Sandtarts are definitely a local recipe around the York & Lancaster (southcentral PA) area. Christmas is the traditional time to make them, though you can buy them in bakeries in Lancaster all year long.

I grew up with them and it wasn’t until I got married and moved over 1,000 miles away that I realized not everyone knew what sandtarts were! When people ask me what kind of cookie they are, I pause because I’m not sure how to describe it??!! If I had to, I would say they are a cross between a sugar cookie and a shortbread cookie but THIN!

If you never tried them, I would encourage you to make it into a baking party with friends or family! Enjoy: )


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