NEW! Amber Heard SPOTTED flying coach to Miami after Johnny Depp Trial


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Amber Heard has been spotted on a flight from Pennsylvania to Miami. She was last seen in the Hamptons at an upscale grocery store after being spotted at a TJ Maxx. But I thought those photos looked staged and probably leaked to the media for a price, I mean it’s what she does after all. This candid shot at least looks a little more real.

It was rumoured she may be staying in the Hamptons with ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero. And probably asking him to help her foot the bill. After all, the ACLU were co-conspirators in writing the article that got her in this mess in the first place.

It looks like she’s flying coach this time around. When we spotted her last time flying she was ballin’ in a private jet. The jet was rumoured to be financed by NBC for her train wreck of a Today show interview that resulted in record low ratings. Yeah, please don’t book Amber in anything ever again! If she was on my flight, I would have probably asked for an extra barf bag.

Amber should be walking instead of flying. She plans on appealing the judgement and would need to post the $10.25 million bill to do so. Articles say she’s selling Elon Musk’s gift he gave to her, a Tesla Model S. But that ain’t worth anywhere close to what she owes Johnny.

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