Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Experience


Occupying 2,000 acres near Ohiopyle State Park in southern Pennsylvania, the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort comprises a massive selection of accommodations.

The suites in the Nemacolin Chateau Lafayette were inspired by the famous Ritz in Paris, and feature crystal chandeliers and marble bathrooms. In a very different fashion, Falling Rock pays tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style: This boutique boasts a heated outdoor pool, deep-soaking tubs, and stand-alone showers, providing a more secluded, romantic escape, according to recent guests.

The Nemacolin Lodge offers an ornate decor that resembles an English country inn and evokes a cozier feel. Of the options, many previous guests recommend staying in Falling Rock for its soothing atmosphere, friendly customer service, and gourmet Aqueous restaurant.

For more fine dining options, check out Lautrec or Autumn. Prefer lighter fare? Dine at The Tavern, The Caddyshack, PJ’s, or one of the seasonal venues that opens its doors for putters in the summer season or powder hounds in the winter.

Enjoy the Nemacolin Resort in a 4K Cinematic Experience.

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