Mexico Closer to Legalizing Cannabis, Will Pennsylvania Be Next? More Studies & Evidence FOR Reform


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Book mentioned at 26:50: HEMP – American History Revisited by Robert Deitch
I have a PDF copy so if you’d like to read it, please email me at to request it and I will send it to you.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Mexico Making Progress
1:12 – Curaleaf Opens 103rd Location
2:49 – Trulieve Expands Pennsylvania Footprint
4:02 – Trulieve Diluting to Go Shopping?
4:51 – Cannabis Freedom Alliance Goals
6:24 – IL Adult Use Vs Medical
7:18 – OH Increasing Medical Sales
8:18 – PA Governor Calling for Adult Use
9:25 – Stubborn Outdated Views Slowing Progress
13:06 – Evidence Reform DOES NOT Increase Impaired Driving
13:48 – Data that Alcohol is THE Gateway Drug, NOT Cannabis
14:27 – More Evidence Cannabis Reform Saves Lives
15:25 – Cannabis Protest Planned in PA, Wear Your Mask 🙂
16:11 – States Need Tax Revenue, Reform is a No Brainer
17:52 – Nevada Sales Set Records in Jan 2021 Despite Rona
18:09 – Planet 13 Earnings, Should Recover for 2021
19:23 – Comparing Market Caps, Focus on Fundies!
20:20 – First US Uni to Offer Cannabis Scholarships
21:46 – London Mayor Considers Decriminalization If Re-Elected
23:17 – Committee Chairs Seek Hemp Reform
25:35 – When HEMP Helped the US Win WW2

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