IDH Episode 53: A 1700's Colonial Homesite and a 270 Year Old Coin!


This is a very short episode, but wait until you see what I dug! My wife and I recently spent a few days in Pennsylvania, and she was kind enough to give me a liberty pass one afternoon, so of course I broke out my detector. I actually got a “yes” at the first door I knocked on! The homesite went back to 1717 and the owner said it had been detected before, but the Manticore sniffed out some great finds! Hope y’all enjoy and thanks as always for watching!



TikTok: @i_dig_history

IDH Gear:


 Here’s the gear I use:

– Minelab Manticore Metal Detector
– Garrett Pro-Pointer AT (handheld pinpointer)
– Minelab ML105 Wireless Headphones
– Predator Model 65 “Ranger” D Handle Shovel
– Lesche LS Digging/Cutting Hand Shovel
– Tactical Metal Detecting Thigh Pack with Water Bottle Pouch by Jueachy

Midnight Lorry by Dispatch
Like JJ by Lobo Loco
Wooden Championships by Lobo Loco
Madame Flowers by Kielicaster
Banjo Stomp by ArtTestMusic
Swamp Blues by MidnightBlueMusic
Saloon Door 30 Aaron Rose
Banjo by Benoit Langlais



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