How to give your Pop Up Camper a Makeover


Hey Campers and Glampers!

We have been wanting to travel, but wanted to get creative this year because of covid. I have been talking about wanting a camper for a while now, and we decided this was the year to do it. Finding the perfect camper was tough! Lots of people are looking for campers this year, so they have been going fast! We finally found a 1990 Jayco that we knew was going to be perfect for the two of us and Sammy. The main goal of our pop-up makeover was to do it on a budget. This blog post is going to share the tools we used, how we decorated it, and a few things that we learned along. Read along about how to give your Pop Up camper a Makeover!

First, the exterior. We bought Magnolia Paints exterior paint from Wexford Ace Hardware in the color Lemon Leaves. I knew right away that this color was for us! The camper we bought was actually already painted, but we washed it down with soap, primed it, and then painted 2 coats of exterior paint. We tried a brush and a roller and definitely suggest rolling it. It’s already been through a lot of rain and is looking good.

For the interior, we decided to use the same color. It’s a lot of green for sure, but a lot of fun! We bought Magnolia matte interior paint for the cabinets from Wexford Ace Hardware. For the countertops and table, we went with the color Renewed, also by Magnolia Paints. To add a little more dimension to our small camper, we went with white for the walls as a third color. We bought new knobs and hinges and spray painted them gold. I just love a gold accent!

Next, cushions and decor. Decorating was my favorite part of this whole project! I know that this is not the most practical part for camping, but it’s the most fun! For the cushions, I chose some chair covers that are kind of a rust color. You can buy them here! There are so many color options and are reasonably priced, too. I got 4 covers for about $35. 

For the curtains, I used a 76 inch shower curtain rod and tan curtains similar to these. My pillows are from Home Goods and Wexford Ace Hardware. I chose white bedding which may seem risky, but I figure it’s the easiest to bleach! My lantern and wooden tray are also from Home Goods.

I have already gotten so many questions on my flower basket! I got this basket from Wexford Ace Hardware and the hooks on the back fit perfectly over the metal strips on my camper. If you want the basket, give them a call and they’ll ship to you! I also purchased 2 small plastic pots from the store and planted citronella plants in them with hopes to keep some bugs away!

As for Sammy, we still need to make him some space in the camper. His bandanas are from our shop, One Floofy Newf on Etsy

If you have any questions about our camper, feel free to reach out! Follow us on Instagram to see our summer camping adventures! 

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