George Floyd Kids Attack Police | KKK Campaign Ad Goes Viral | Macy Gray Speaks Truth | Ep 244


A disturbing video from Minnesota shows toddlers striking, kicking, cursing, and throwing rocks at police during a murder investigation. How did we get here? Jason has the answer. “George Floyd has been venerated for the last two years, and we started the Juneteenth George Floyd holiday season. It’s not shocking to me that young people, children, toddlers, babies have been caught up in the anti-police sentiment.” Sheila Qualls and Alpha News exposed the alarming video. Sheila joins Jason and T.J. Moe to discuss how these children are being groomed for lives of crime and the real issue feeding the behavior that no one in the black community wants to address. “Fearless” contributor Royce White is running for Congress in Minnesota and shares his thoughts on the video. “These are the WWE politics that have real-life consequences that have a real-life impact on communities.” Delano Squires drops in to share his thoughts on the Macy Gray transgender controversy and how it continues a dangerous precedent. Plus, Jerone Davison’s congressional KKK campaign ad went viral. The former NFL player turned political hopeful joins Jason and T.J. to discuss the creation of the video and the reasons he’s been led to run for office in Arizona.

00:00 Intro ft T.J. Moe in studio
9:59 Special Guest Sheila Qualls
28:33 Royce White, The Knowledge Cyclone
50:29 Professor Delano Squires
1:10:07 Approval Rating on Macy Gray
1:16:29 Viral Special Guest Jerone Davison

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