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As a foundation event for Dawson’s sesquicentennial year, Philip Cochran Memorial UMC will host author Kimberly Hess on Sunday, May 1 at noon.

Hess has researched and written a compilation of the life and achievements of Sarah Boyd Cochran, who built and dedicated the Church in her husbands memory. Her book, “A Lesser Mortal: The Unexpected Life of Sarah B. Cochran,” represents years of concentrated exploration into the life and legend of this extraordinary woman who rose from humble beginnings to become incredibly wealthy and successful.

Cochran’s personal story is remarkable, and came at a time when women were not viewed as equals to men in entrepreneurship. Yet, after tragically losing both her husband and her only son, she rose to become a significant factor in the world of industry, women’s rights, philanthropy and education.

Hess will highlight her experiences in putting Cochran’s life story together and the countless tales and legends that drove her to find, document, and verify the facts. She will explain the importance of keeping Cochran’s accomplishments homogeneous with Western Pennsylvania’s historical narrative.

There is no charge for the presentation, which is open to the public.

A meet/greet and book signing will be held following the presentation, with a limited number of books available for purchase. “A Lesser Mortal” is also available on Amazon and at The Greater Tri-Town Area Area Historical Society, 203 Howell St., Dawson.

The church is located at 209 Griscom St., Dawson.

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