Bitcoin Miners & Stocks/Equities News July 5, 2022 – WNDR, BITF, VYGR, DGHI, WULF, CORZ


Today’s Bitcoin related stocks/equities, I talk about:

WonderFi Technologies Inc. ($WNDR / $WONDF / A3C166)
Bitfarms Ltd. ($BITF)
Voyager Digital Ltd. ($VYGR / UCD2)
Digihost Technology Inc. ($DGHI)
TeraWulf Inc. ($WULF)
Core Scientific, Inc. ($CORZ)

Welcome to the daily wrap-up show, where I talk about Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin related equities. I try and give a daily update on publicly traded companies and equities that have exposure to Bitcoin.


If you wish to connect with me on Twitter, you can find me at @TheBTCPriceBot. Our channel Twitter account is @CanadianBTCPod and my co-host can be found at @JoeyTweeets

As always, none of the info is financial advice.

From a couple of Canucks who like to talk about how Bitcoin will impact Canada.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Sponsors
4:22 Winners/Losers
6:36 WNDR
10:15 BITF
14:14 VYGR
17:45 DGHI
20:49 WULF
23:22 CORZ
28:53 Outro


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