Best Hope For Family Court DHS Corruption Victims is Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor Race

0 Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency which has sparked a New Civil Rights Movement Families Fight Back Say NO MORE DHS Demonic Horror Stories! 4-22-10 HireLyrics US Citizens Public Docket Thomas-Daniels DHS Child Slaughter US Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency Notice.pdf 4-21-10 Philadelphia Families Petition Disbar Recuse Judge Robert J Matthews Fern Caplan Timothy Possenti 144 Community Victim Signatures.pdf 11-25-09 U.S.D.C. Court Clerk Michael E. Kunz and Honorable Burle M. Schiller imposed official corruption fraud civil rights defendants Judge Robert J. Matthews and Anne Marie Ambrose insertion of blank pages before typed stamped filed Complaint 209-cv-05448-BMS Willie Brownson Appointed Lawful Guardian of Ezekiel Brown and Arriyel Brown vs. Anne Marie Ambrose DHS and Judge Robert J. Matthews 24 Felony Counts including perjury wire fraud mail fraud conspiracy $6.2 Million Forced Commerce Theft of Vested Interest Theft of Careers CPS Corruption in Government Victim Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency Disclosure falsified by U.S.D.C. entered as Statement of Willie Brownson. 112510USDCPaED209cv5448BMSClerkSubstitutesBlankFormsProtectCorruptJudgeRobertMatthewsAnneMarieAmbroseDHS.pdf 22210RoxanneGrinageComplianceUSDCMitchellGoldberg21810MarshalForm285NoLackProsecutionTimothyEPossentiFernBrownCaplan.pdf 04-02-10 USDC 209cv04119-MSG tolerates months of Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights colleague summons evasion – City Refuses Service of Summons Claim Defective Caption Fern Brown Caplan.pdf 2-04-2010 U.S.D.C. Pa Eastern Honorable Mitchell S. Goldberg has 115 pages Exhibit Proofs 1 through 11 of official corruption fraud civil rights defendants Timothy Possentis Fern Brown Caplans malicious ongoing exacerbation of injuries to Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown, accessories to Bigamy, Extortion, Fraud of Public Official, Fraud of Child Support Enforcement, Fraud of Philadelphia District Attorney Private Criminal Complaint Theft By Deception, Fraud of Philadelphia Orphans Court and mounting costs and contingently liabilities and damages associated with child maltreatment and Grinage/Brownson Family Rescue of Judge Robert J. Matthews Timothy Possenti Fern Brown Caplan Ordered abused verified injured babies Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown. In addition to Entering Denial of Plaintiff Roxanne Grinages 2-04-2010 115 pages Motion Default Judgment against summons evading malicious Possenti and Caplan the very same day it was filed baffling Philadelphia community as to how a Federal Judge could possibly have read and adjudicated fairly and accurately the content of a 115 page filing the very same afternoon it was filed to enter Denial order five minutes before 5:00 P.M. the same day but on March 2, 2010, Honorable Mitchell Goldberg actually allowed deployment of U.S.D.C. Pa Eastern resource U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force to authenticate by enforcing Perjury Child Abuse criminality of Judge Robert J. Matthews family court orders and arrested protector mother and grandmother who were trying to rescue Ezekiel and Arriyel from the abuse inflicted by Saundra Sullivan and Erick Brown thereby prolonging the aggravated assaults trauma, parent alienation syndrome, obstruction of education and lost careers contribution being experienced today. USDCPaED209cv04119MSGGrinagevCaplanPossentiElectronicServiceCopy115PagesPlaintiff’sMotionsExhibits1-11.pdf


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