5 Trains That Should Have Succeeded (But Failed) | History in the Dark


Sometimes things are given every chance and opportunity to succeed, but the odds for a variety of reasons are stacked against them. Here’s five times in history where that exact thing happened to some locomotives.

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Class 221 Super Voyager
4:56 – M-10001
7:37 – FM Erie-built
10:08 – FM Train Master
12:27 – Steam Tenders

“The British Rail Class 221 Super Voyager is a class of tilting diesel-electric multiple-unit express passenger trains built in Bruges, Belgium, by Bombardier Transportation in 2001/02.”

“The Union Pacific Railroad’s M-10001 was a diesel-electric streamlined train built in 1934 by Pullman-Standard with a power system developed by General Motors Electro-Motive Corporation using a Winton 201A Diesel engine and General Electric generator, control equipment and traction motors. It was the UP’s second streamliner after the M-10000, their first equipped with a diesel engine and was a much longer train (six cars) than its three-car predecessor. All cars were articulated—trucks were shared between each car. It was delivered on October 2, 1934, and was used for display, test and record-setting runs for the next two months before being returned to Pullman-Standard for an increase in its power and capacity, following which it was placed into service as the City of Portland train. It has been nicknamed “The Banana”.”

“The Erie-built was the first streamlined, cab-equipped dual service diesel locomotive built by Fairbanks-Morse, introduced as direct competition to such models as the ALCO PA and FA and EMD FT. F-M lacked the space and staff to design and manufacture large road locomotives in their own plant at Beloit, Wisconsin, and was concerned that waiting to develop the necessary infrastructure would cause them to miss out on the market opportunity for large road locomotives. Engineering and assembly work was subcontracted out to General Electric, which produced the locomotives at its Erie, Pennsylvania, facility, thereby giving rise to the name “Erie-built.”

“The H-24-66, or Train Master, was a diesel-electric railroad locomotive produced by Fairbanks-Morse and its licensee, Canadian Locomotive Company. These six-axle hood unit road switchers were deployed in the United States and Canada during the 1950s.”

“Archibald Sturrock was locomotive superintendent of the Great Northern Railway from 1850 until 1866. In 1863 Sturrock designed a steam tender to increase the power of freight locomotives by as much as 30 percent, which would be very useful at starting or on heavy gradients. The limit of 30% was probably set by the lighter weight of the tender and so lesser adhesion.”

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