5 Mistakes Music Teachers Make on Social Media


In this video you’ll learn how to avoid 5 of the most common social media mistakes with easy-peasy tips to help you avoid wasting waste time / effort.

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Part of my job as a coach is to help music teachers with their online marketing efforts, and as such… you can imagine that I spend a LOT of time reading content and examining social media profiles.

And that would be true. Over the years I’ve audited hundreds of profiles, and I’ve found that the majority of music teachers, schools, and businesses all make the same mistakes. (Zero judgement here. I’ve made some of them myself!)

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➡️ By day I’m a business strategist and mindset coach for music studio owners and online education experts. I’ve worked with hundreds of music entrepreneurs to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies. By night, I have an awesome voice and piano studio in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. I have a deep love for cats. And yoga. And succulents. And half-hearted gardening.

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