28 Minutes Worth of REAL Life Horror Stories, Photos & Videos…


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From tragic events to hauntings, murders to miracles, the world is full of sometimes moving, often strange and unexplained events. In this video we look at another collection of 21 stories, videos and photos that we hope will chill you and leave you wondering.

0:00 Introduction
1:22 Borgvattnet Vicarage
2:37 Fat Man
3:33 The Belanger Sisters
4:45 The Hexham Heads
5:49 Solfataro
7:01 Katarzyna Zowada
8:19 The Timothy Treadwell Tape
9:45 The Lemp Family Curse
11:12 La Pascualita
12:16 The Strange Incident at Barcelona Airport
13:52 The Pteranodon Photo
15:03 Salish Sea Foot Mystery
16:21 Plum Island
17:47 The Miracle of the Sun
18:49 The Falling Soldier
19:43 Akodessewa Voodoo Fetish Market
20:51 Lake Peigneur Disaster
22:06 The Mystery Man of Nova Scotia
23:30 UFOs that burn
24:52 The Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Murder
26:07 Hoer Verde

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