21 Things Amish Women DON'T Want You To Know


In this video, we will look at 21 things Amish women do not want you to know.

21 Things That Amish Women Do Not Want You To Know
The Amish being who they are and the world being what it is, the general public tends to be more interested in sensationalized fiction about them than the truth. The Amish are also secretive about some things, with this secrecy not helping a bit when it comes to persuading the public into ignoring unflattering rumors about them. With the Amish being not very open about some stuff, there are lots of things about them that aren’t public knowledge and in this video, we will detail 21 things Amish women do not want you to know about them, with detail number 20 being something that Pablo Escobar might chuckle at!

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