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BOMBAYS breaks barriers on ‘ROYALE’

by Pennsylvania Digital News

BOMBAYS breaks barriers on ‘ROYALE’Screenshot 2024 06 26 At 3.09.38 PM

In an era where authenticity is often discussed but rarely achieved, BOMBAYS is the real deal. Few artists manage to carve out a space that’s truly their own but BOMBAYS, the alter ego of Nikhil Thakar, a first-generation Indian-American producer is doing just that. His latest track “ROYALE” is more than just a house banger—it’s a sonic manifesto of cultural identity and artistic courage.

Born into the duality of first-generation immigrant life, Thakar faced the archetypal crossroads: follow the well-trodden path of business school and corporate success, or dive headfirst into the uncertain waters of artistic passion. In a move that would make even the most daring risk-takers pause, Thakar chose music, trading GMAT prep for production courses at Icon Collective in Los Angeles.

“ROYALE” emerges as the crystallization of this bold journey. The track opens with a hypnotic vocal sample, lifted from a classic Bollywood film that once echoed through Thakar’s childhood home. This isn’t mere nostalgia; it’s a deliberate bridging of worlds, a musical handshake between the India of his parents and the electronic landscape he now inhabits.

As the vocal gives way to a pulsating bassline, BOMBAYS’ production prowess takes center stage. The groove is relentless, a four-on-the-floor heartbeat that drives the track forward while subtle rhythmic flourishes nod to South Asian percussion traditions. It’s in these details that Thakar’s vision truly shines—each element carefully crafted to honor his heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary house music.

But “ROYALE” is more than just a clever fusion of sounds. It’s a statement piece in an industry that BOMBAYS found lacking in representation, particularly for artists of South Asian descent. By infusing his music with unmistakable Bollywood influences, Thakar isn’t just making a track; he’s planting a flag.



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