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Here’s when Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE will be released

by Pennsylvania Digital News

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE has been leaking a lot in recent days, and the fact that the company is already giving one away to buyers of the S24 family over in Belgium got us thinking – what if the Watch FE won’t in fact be launching in July alongside the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra?

Today a new rumor basically confirms our suspicion. A tipster over on X now claims the Watch FE will be released on June 24.

Of course as this is just a rumor at this point, you should take it with a pinch of salt. But it makes sense – Samsung’s next Unpacked event is already very packed with devices, and the Watch FE probably wouldn’t have received more than a cursory mention anyway.

That too makes sense, seeing as how this is just a re-launched Galaxy Watch4, three years later, and it aims to serve as a cheaper alternative to the Watch7 series.

So while we can’t guarantee that the FE will in fact see the light of day later this month, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it does. Oh and by the way – when we said it’s just a re-launched Watch4 we weren’t kidding. Leaked specs prove it’s identical to that model, so the price will be the most important thing about it. A previous rumor claimed it would go for €199 in the EU, which means a maximum of $199 (but maybe a bit less) in the US.

Whether or not that’s a good price for three-year-old hardware is your call, of course.

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