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SoCreative Summit 2024 | HowlRound Theatre Commons

by Pennsylvania Digital News

In 2024, the SoCreative Summit explores the theme of Emergence.

Get ready to experience the electrifying return of the SoCreative Summit. Hosted in the buzzing Victoria Yards complex in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Summit has been created by the British Council and Business and Arts South Africa.

A gift to cultural makers and creative thinkers; it’s an engine of new ideas, a spark of connection, a gathering of extraordinary people and a container for the conversations shifting our world.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant celebration of creativity!

See the full and detailed program here
The Summit URL here.

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Thursday 9 May – Day 1

9.30 a.m.-10.30 a.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Intro and Welcome – Official Opening 
Speaker: Lungi Morrison

10.30 a.m.-11.00 a.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Keynote Speaker – “A Narrative of New Frontiers in Global Consciousness”
Speaker: Skinder Hundal

11.15 a.m.– 12.15 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Interview – “Africa Centric Design”
Speaker: Lungi and Interviewees

12.15 p.m.-1:00 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Virtual Presentation – “iAM a Cultural Ambassador”
Speaker: Pat Sam

2:00 p.m.– 3:00 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Panel Discussion – “Cutural Heritage and Fashion Entrepreneurship”
Speaker: Sandra Chege

3.15 p.m.-4 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Pecha Kucha session – “Cultural Placemakers”
Speakers: Hector, Roshana, and Maheder

4 p.m.-5 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Panel Discussion – “Africa Cities Network -The Cultural Vibrancy Index”
Speaker: British Council, Brenda Fashugba

Friday 10 May – Day 2

9.30 a.m.-10.30 a.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Keynote address – “Tomorrow’s Tango: Creativity & Tech”
Speaker: Monika Bielskyte

10.45 a.m.-11.45 am (Johannesburg, SAST)
Pecha Kucha – “Digital Maker’s Flex” 
Speakers: Eduardo Cachucho, Key Key Ribane, ByLwansta

12 p.m.-1 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Panel Discussion – “Creative Culture:Scaling Circular Solutions”
Speaker: Sentle Nell (Goethe).

2 p.m.-3 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Fishbowl Debate – “Will AI eat my lunch?”
Speakers: Mariapoala McGurk, Diek Grobler, Muthoni Waynoike, Isabella Rorke

3.15 p.m.-3.45 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST)
Pecha Kucha – “Africa Now: A Cultural Producer’s Perspective
Speakers: COHORT

3.45 p.m.-5 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST) 
Pitching Session – “The Pitch Den” 
Speakers: Pitches from 8 finalists

5 p.m.-5.10 p.m. (Johannesburg, SAST) 
Launch – “SoCreative e-platform”
Speakers: British Council

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