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Suzan-Lori Parks’ Watch Me Work

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Watch Me Work is a communal work session for anyone eager to nurture and sustain their creative process. Facilitated by Public Theater Playwright-in-Residence Suzan-Lori Parks and the New Work Development department, Watch Me Work takes place via Zoom sessions and HowlRound livestreams that you can join at home, at school, or in a coffee shop from anywhere in the world!

What Happens During Watch Me Work

Each session will be one hour. During the first twenty minutes, Suzan-Lori Parks and participants engage in an individual creative working session on their own project. During the remaining forty minutes of class, participants are part of a real-time dialogue with Parks and each other about their process. Are you feeling stuck and can’t figure out how to move forward? Are you looking for encouragement or motivation for what you’re working on? Do you want to talk through an idea you have for a new artistic project? Watch Me Work is here to help!

What Does Not Happen During Watch Me Work

In alignment with the ethos of Watch Me Work, Parks and participants will not be sharing work and receiving critique. In addition, Parks will not be participating in a Q&A about her body of work. Watch Me Work is about hearing about your work and supporting you.

How To Participate

Sign up for Watch Me Work to receive the Zoom link for this session, or simply watch the live stream on the player on this HowlRound page.

About HowlRound TV

HowlRound TV is a global, commons-based, peer-produced, open-access livestreaming and video archive project stewarded by the nonprofit HowlRound. HowlRound TV is a free and shared resource for live conversations and performances relevant to the world’s performing arts and cultural fields. Its mission is to break geographic isolation, promote resource sharing, and develop our knowledge commons collectively. Anyone can participate in a community of peer organizations revolutionizing the flow of information, knowledge, and access in our field by becoming a producer and co-producing with us. Learn more by going to our participate page. For any other queries, email [email protected] or call Vijay Mathew at +1 917.686.3185 Signal. View the video archive of past events.

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