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X Will Now Enable Premium Subscribers to List Open Jobs on Their Personal Profiles

by Pennsylvania Digital News

X has announced a new expansion of its in-app job listings, with all X Premium subscribers in the U.S. now able to display open roles on their personal profiles, as well as on business pages.

X Hiring on Personal Profiles

Up till now, X’s job listings have only been available to businesses, via X’s $1,000 per month Verification for Organizations package, which was recently also made available to more brands through a cheaper, lower spec package.

But now, personal accounts can also list job ads for their company, expanding the reach of X’s professional services push.

Which is all part of the broader “everything app” plan, with X also looking to get into competition with YouTube, Twitch, Messenger, and more, via its other initiatives..

LinkedIn is the obvious target with X Hiring, and thus far, it has shown promise, with over 750,000 roles currently being advertised in the app.

I mean, that probably makes sense. For years, Twitter served as a solid business connection tool, facilitating all kinds of collaboration and partnership opportunities through connection with like-minded people.

X has formalized this, with the addition of job listings, and it makes sense that brands are now looking to maximize their candidate search with X’s in-stream listings.

The real test, however, will be in how many roles are actually being filled by X Hiring. Giving brands that are paying to use the app the option to also list open roles will obviously see a lot of them posting their jobs, but is it actually a successful, viable driver of recruitment?

It’ll be interesting to see if X is able to share any stats on this at some stage, but at a guess, I’d assume you’re going to see X’s job ad figures expand a lot over the coming weeks, as more people re-list roles on their personal accounts.

More job ads is one indicator of interest, and it’ll be interesting to see how X looks to build on this.

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