120 Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking Recipes from Scratch – a Satisfying Cookbook


This video is a flip through of the Pennsylvania Dutch recipes cookbook. The recipes in this cookbook are passed down from generation to generation, and are some of the best-kept secrets in Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for some truly delicious and authentic Dutch recipes, then this is the cookbook for you.

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00:00 Intro
00:05 Pennsylvania Dutch cookery
00:20 fruit salad, dressing, beet and apple salad, good Pennsylvania Dutch apple salad
00:25 pepper cabbage, potato salad dressing, bean salad
00:30 dandelion salad, Pennsylvania cole slaw
00:35 deviled eggs, hot Dutch potato salad, hot slaw
00:40 cucumber salad
00:45 Philadelphia pepper pot
00:50 dumplings (Spaetzle), corn chowder
00:55 egg noodles, Dutch country bean soup, split pea soup
01:00 vegetable soup, meat filling for noodles
01:05 egg balls for soup, spinach filling for noodles, salsify or vegetable oyster soup
01:10 beef soup with dumplings, potato soup (gruumbier soup), chicken corn soup
01:15 corn soup with rivels, chicken noodle soup
01:25 creamed cabbage and dried beef, Dutch noodle cheese ring, potato filling
01:30 Dutch cabbage rolls, duck un kraut
01:35 pork pot pie with dumplings, sauerbraten, horseradish sauce
01:40 schnitzel meat, chicken pot pie
01:45 ham and noodles in casserole, chicken fricassee, beef pot pie
01:50 Pennsylvania Dutch beef with onions, wiener schnitzel (veal cutlet)
01:55 Hamburger dinner, chicken baked in cream, Dutch meatloaf
02:00 liver noodles (leberknoedel), stuffed peppers, meat pie
02:05 stuffed acorn squash, baked spareribs and sauerkraut with dumplings
02:10 souse, pork and kraut (speck un kraut), mock duck
02:15 hog maw, schnitz un knepp
02:20 ham and green beans, sausage patties, Dutch meat rolls (boova shenkel)
02:25 scrapple
02:30 Pennsylvania Dutch chicken and oyster pie
02:35 Lancaster County baked corn, seven minute cabbage
02:40 scalloped sweet potatoes and apples, sweet potato croquettes, schnitzel beans
02:45 fried tomatoes, parsnip patties
02:50 scalloped potatoes, fried eggplant, sweet and sour beets
02:55 scalloped tomatoes, Dutch potato croquettes, red cabbage (rote kraut)
03:00 scalloped spinach, fresh peas and new potatoes
03:05 corn pudding, sweet and sour celery, home baked beans
03:10 cabbage sweet and sour, corn fritters, hashed brown potatoes
03:15 baked lima beans
03:20 apple ring fritters
03:25 sour cherry fritters, cornmeal griddle cakes, corn fritters
03:30 old fashioned flannel cakes, fried corn meal mush, peach fritters
03:35 German egg pancakes, potato pancakes
03:45 potato doughnuts, blueberry muffins, Johnny cake
03:50 bran muffins, bacon muffins
03:55 fastnachts – raised doughnuts
04:00 crullers, tangle britches – an Old York County recipe
04:05 shoe fly pie, grandma’s crumb or sugar pie, funnel cakes (drechter kuche)
04:10 Sally Lunn, quick coffee cake
04:20 little coffee cakes (kleina kaffee kuchen), butter semmels
04:25 sweet roll dough, crumb cake
04:30 Dutch sticky buns, coffee (kaffee kuchen)
04:40 sponge cake, scripture cake
04:45 spice layer cake, grandmother’s molasses cake
04:50 walnut gingerbread, applesauce cake
04:55 nut cake
05:00 anise cookies, fruit and nut cookies
05:05 cinnamon waffles (zimmet waffles), Moravian Christmas cookies
05:10 Dutch almond cookies, sand tarts
05:15 walnut kisses, walnut rocks, lebkuchen
05:20 Christmas butter cookeis, almond macaroons, sugar cakes
05:25 hickory nut kisses, Belsnickel Christmas, cakes, ginger cookies – gingerbread men
05:30 pfeffernusse, Moravian dark cookies
05:40 pumpkin pie
05:45 lemon custard cake, Pennsylvania Dutch sour cherry pie, river (crumb) cake
05:50 sour cream raisin pie, cream raspberry pie, pastry hint
05:55 Montgomery pie, apple crumb pie, black walnut pie
06:00 funeral pie, cottage cheese pie
06:05 apple butter pie, currant and red raspberry pie, schnitz pie (dried apple)
06:10 rhubarb pie
06:15 steamed fruit pudding, apple and peach strudel
06:20 cottage pudding, rhubarb pudding, cherry pudding
06:25 apple pandowdy, apple dumplings
06:30 pumpkin custard, peach dumplings
06:35 mixed fruit preserves, bread and butter pickles
06:40 raspberry rhubarb jam, carrot marmalade, apple and peach conserve
06:45 spiced gooseberries, cranberry conserve, apple butter
06:50 spiced cantaloupe, red beet eggs, ginger pears
06:55 pickled beets, corn relish, pepper relish
07:00 pickled green beans, chow chow


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